Before Arrival

Contact us

Available Hours: 11 am - 7 pm Text: +1 (323)-999-1539

House Rule

The credit card provided at the registration form will be authorized $150 / 24hrs prior to the check-in date and will be refunded after check out. These facts will apply to be subtracted from the deposit:

  • Loud Noises
  • Interior damage
  • Late check out
  • Smoking
  • Extra cleaning
  • Breaking maximum occupancy
  • Disrespecting other guests
  • Stolen items
  • Any violation of house
  • Lost or damaged emergency key card
***This is at the property's judgment and the decision is up to our measurement. *** Any expenses including extra room refreshing service ($20) will be deducted from your deposit.


On-site parking $25/night - This will need to be requested before arrival (Park at the spot with a green sign says “HOTEL GUEST PARKING ONLY")

Early Check-in

Limited early check-in is available at 1 pm for $25 upon request made before the arrival date. Please text us and see what are the availability!

How do I check in?

Turn left into YAMASHIRO restaurant property and find the gate on the hard left. Call and meet the agent at there to recive your keys, the agent will show you the way:)

After Arrival

WIFI - HHH Guest

PW: wokeupinthehills!


  1. Power On
  2. Choose the channel / Show
Or log in to your own account on smart apps. Don’t forget to log out unless you want someone watching weird shows on your account.

Deliveries and Packages

Since we don’t have a front desk, guests can send delivery and packages to the hotel address only if it could be received by the guest at the gate!

Additional Guest

All GUESTS MUST BE REGISTERED AND 18+ Maximum guests in room: 2 All your guests actions are at your responsibility. She might seem chill at first, but let us get you covered just in case.


key cards are provided. Any lock outs outside the business hours are an extra charge of $50. We would not appreciate this as you can imagine.


Guests are responsible for their own trash. Trash bins are located by the front gate. No one likes dirty rooms.

Check Out

I know, it's a cool card but please leave the key in the room. It sucks to see you go but it’s better this way, we hate goodbyes.